Sdružení přátel historických počítačů je dobrovolná zájmová organizace, jejímž cílem je popularizace výpočetní techniky a její historie mezi širokou veřejností a zachování historické výpočetní techniky pro budoucnost.


Odkazy na další zdroje o historických počítačích

The First PCs
Kenbak-1; Micral; and Altair 8800.

Brief article on the history of the Altair 8800.

Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems
MITS - Roberts, H. Edward, American Air Force officer who, along with three friends, founded the Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS), which thrived when in 1971 it began producing the large scale integrated calculator kit in the U.S. The company soon introduced the Altair, an affordable computer kit that uncovered a huge market for microcomputers. Roberts, is now a small town medical doctor.

MITS/Pertec Altair 8800/680b/MITS 300
Icom, Vector Graphic , Tarbell, PMMI, or other products that are not Altair or MITS products, it is because the systems were often mixed. These companies and components are an integral part of the Altair story.

Ed Roberts Interview
Historically Brewed magazine.

MITS Altair 8800
Considered by many to be the first microcomputer, the MITS altair 8800 was based on a 2 MHz Intel 8080 with 256 bytes standard RAM and interfaced with the user through the octal front panel switches. This unit has an 8" floppy disk drive.

Computer History Association of California
Chac is a nonprofit corporation, who safeguards and organizes the history of electronic computing, not only in California, but nationally and internationally. They collect and archive hardware, software and documents.

Site is dedicated to the first home computer that could be bought in the UK.

History of Computing Information
History of computing, with a focusing on the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, the world's first operational, general purpose, electronic digital computer.

Charles Babbage Institute
CBI is a research center dedicated to promoting the study of the history of computing and its impact on society, and preserving relevant documentation.

Historical Computer Society
International user group for old computer enthusiasts "old computers" and/or "old enthusiasts. Dedicated to preserving older and classic computer hardware, software, and literature.

PC - History
This is a site devoted to the history of the PC, covers all types of personal computers from 1970 to present.

The Burroughs B-205 Computer
A mixture of science fiction and fact concerning the B205.

Alan J. Flavell
A physics professor tells about some of the early computers he worked with.

Blinkenlights Archaeological Institute
The Institute was established in 1997 to excavate, preserve, research, and present interesting and historically significant computing devices.

UNIVAC Memories
An ever growing collection of memorabilia, contemporary documents, and anecdotes recounting the history of UNIVAC 1100 series mainframes.

Unisys History Newsletter
Information and links to computer history.

The SWTPC Computer Documentation Repository
Documentation for the SWTPC computer line.

John Elliott
Dedicated to computers and/or operating systems which some might describe as obsolete.

Lawrence Wilkinson's IBM 360/30 Saga.
Description of the resurrection of an abandoned IBM system 360 model 30 mainframe computer, stored in a warehouse, into a working machine, by a group of enthusiasts.

Intel Museum
Located in Santa Clara, experience the power of computer chips first hand, and the evolution of their development.

The Oldskool PC Shrines
Honoring personal computing in the 1980s.

IBM 1620
Homage to the venerable IBM 1620 computer.

History of Computers
Cruise through history to discover some of the key developments that have brought society to its present state of computing.

Xerox Star Research Paper
An on-going research paper about the Xerox 8010; the Star.

HP Integral Personal Computer
Information and software for the HP 9807 IPC.

Home Gape
Collection of PCs from the late 80's, many IBM PS/2s, with tables, benchmarks, photos of cards and CPUs.

Cosmac Elf
History of 1802-based computing and home of the TinyELF emulator for Palm OS handhelds. Documents, scans, message board.

Classic 8-Bit Computers
Documentation and technical information for 8-bit home computer systems.

Retro Computer Gallery
Collection of pictures of old computers, consoles, handhelds and magazines.

Russian Virtual Computer Museum
The gathering of information concerning the primary stage of origination and development of IT and computing, primarily in Russia and ex-USSR.

BESM-6 Nostalgia Page
Information about the late Soviet mainframe computer BESM-6, the last original was dismantled in 1995.

Video Genie System
A personal tribute to an early model PC.

Enigma Replica
Shows all processes involved Building a replica of the German M4 Naval Enigma.

IBM Advanced Computing Systems
A description of the first superscalar computer system - the IBM ACS project in the 1960s.

IBM Stretch
A brief description of the hardware parallelism of the IBM Stretch computer (also known as the IBM 7030).

Mechanical Aids to Calculation
History on the first automatic totalizer by Sir George Julius, mechanical aids to calculation - extracts of a paper presented to the Institution of Engineers Australia in 1920.
Specifications and known problems of old hardware.

The Computer Closet
Rescues classic microcomputers and video games from the junk heap.

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